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Generate dvd video from a series of digital photos


p2d is a command line tool to generate a mp3 video from a series of photos and (optional) accompaning audio. It includes a multitude of transition effects like disolving between images, slides, and wipes. It relies on a second tool like dvdstyler to generate menus and write the mp3 to a dvd.

p2d uses ImageMagick to read digital images which provides support for almost any digital photo image format. For audio, mp3, ogg, and wav files are accepted.

p2d is a command line tool, driven by a configuration file. It generates a mpeg stream suitable for handoff to dvdstyler for writing to a dvd or it can generate ac3 audio and ppm video images which can be assembled into a digital video stream with encodedv (part of libdv-tools) and then processed with kino.

Download it and give it a try. If you like it send me a note letting me know what you like. If you don't like it, still send me a note with what you don't like. Send that mail to dr_doom (at) users dot sourceforge dot net. If you find bugs please enter them in the sourceforge bug tracking system for p2d. You can enter enhancement requests at RFE's .

Platforms known to build on

Fedora Core 4 x86 with ImageMagick 6.2.2
Fedora Core 3 AMD64 with ImageMagic 6.0.7


Dependencies for p2d depend on just what you want to do. The easy part is that some packages are only required when building p2d and others, typicaly packages containing libraries are needed for building and running p2d. There are a number of packages that are only used when p2d is running and of those some of the packages are only needed in some situations. For example, vorbis-tools (provides oggdec) is only needed if you have ogg audio files that will be processed and lame is only needed if you have mp3 audio files to be processed. In fact, sox is probed to see if it supports ogg and mp3 files and it is used if the support is there. Finally, there are a number of packages that are just useful to have around but aren't really required. For example, dvdstyler - to generate dvd's from the video streams and xine to view the video generated.

For the Fedora Core 4 build, here is a list of packages used. Some of these are from freshrpms (see ayo.freshrpms.net for downloading info).

  • Run time Dependencies
  • Run time Packages you may need
    lame-3.96 (for processing mp3 audio, unless your sox has mp3 support)
    vorbis-tools-1.0.1 (for processing ogg audio)
    xine-0.99 (for viewing)
    dvdstyler-1.4 (for converting mpeg streams into dvd images)
    libdv-tools-0.103 (for converting ppm images into digital video streams)
    kino-0.7.6 (for processing digital video streams)
  • Both Run Time and Compile Time Dependencies
    ImageMagick-c++- (6.0 appears to work, 5 doesn't)
  • Compile Time Dependencies
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